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Tourism-related capital investment has grown massively during the last few decades and is predicted to continue growing. There is increasing motivation from both the private and the public sectors to make this investment more sustainable. There is also increasing awareness of the need to conserve the unique natural, social and cultural assets of destinations. (WWF , 2009, Towards sustainable tourism investment )

Mentawai as a world class surfing destination has plenty of potential assets to develop. The development of tourism in mentawai islands now a days has become more massive than before. World class resort and boat trip available to serve all the guest who would like to visit this beautiful islands.


Development and investment are the significant keys in this issue. Potential area to develop are waiting for investors who would like to invest their funds in mentawai islands. In fact, most of the world class resort in mentawai islands right now are investing by the surfers that see the things before anyone else did. This development continuing in progress. Mentawai atmosphere gladly invite all the investors that willing to invest their funds for developing and operating sustainable tourism in mentawai islands.

Mentawai atmosphere is committed to working with local government, community groups and investors who wish to explore the exciting opportunities available in mentawai islands.

Please show your interest to invest in operating and development sustainable tourism in mentawai islands by sending email to : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it